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Will the Presidential “curse” end?

Author: ZiveemanDecember 22nd, 2008

We’re ending the first year of the Zantherus Presidents. Having gone through a total of 5 different terms, they all had one thing in common: inactivity.

Every term we have presidents promising certain things - more contests, a website, etc - but what do we end up getting instead? Nothing. In fact, the President normally isn’t even there to give us nothing.

Let’s take a look at the current President - KittehKat. She hasn’t even logged on since November 28th (at the time of the writing). While we do understand that sometimes life gets in the way, is there no obligation to, at the very least, notify the members and apologize publicly? Every time a President is elected - and during the election, the President is quite active - the President somehow manages not to log on during their term. This has happened five times in a row. Is that really what a President is supposed to do?

While I admit that partial fault comes from the sole fact that the President isn’t explicitly told by us, the administators, what can be done and cannot be done, it makes me wonder if the President has the motivation to ask what can be done. Ask, and you shall receive. Hopefully the next President will be more proactive, rather than reactive. We’ve remedied this problem by creating a list of what they can do, so I hope that this will do the trick. We’ll be working a lot more with the President than we have in the past, and we’ll probably give them a BIG role for their term.

But, I have to admit, this election is looking out a lot better than usual. Of course, every election looks better than the last (did anyone not like the heated tension between Chibinity and KittehKat?). Maximum-Can has been non-stop active since he started to post around the end of summer and BassNazi has been actively contributing to the community for awhile now, hopefully neither of them will stop. The Advanced Placement classes are around the corner, which I suspect will hinder their activity by a little, but hopefully not by much.

That being said, I think that both Maximum-Can and BassNazi are really good candidates for President and I wish them the best of luck. I will suggest  that when the time comes to picking the Vice President, that the winner should consider picking the other, as a balance is always good, not to mention that they are certainly both qualified, in my opinion, to lead Zantherus to an era of greatness.



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