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Personalize your forum

Author: ZiveemanApril 28th, 2009

Think of all the forums you regularly visit. You know, the ones you open as soon as you get online. Why do you visit the forum?

Personally I visit the forums I do because I have a connection. I have developed a relationship with the members and the community and as a result I feel compelled to visit that forum day after day.

It’s more than having topics and posts. It’s more than having a contest and having participants. It’s about developing something that the whole community shares.

What that is for your forum, I couldn’t tell you. It could be different for every forum. However, one way that works for my forum and other forums is to introduce external forces to your forum. By that I mean making the forum about more than just the forum. Video game communities can do this really well because of the popularity of online gaming. If you can get members to interact outside of the forum then you’ve got a success.

It can work in more ways than just that too. Even introducing your personal life into your forum can work just as well. Once members learn about YOU, maybe you will begin to learn about them. In real life, would you feel more comfortable hanging out with a best friend or a complete stranger? Chances are you’d be more comfortable with your best friend. So turn your members into your best friends and then they’ll keep coming back for more.

Thoughts? Contact me (Ziveeman) on the community @ http://www.zantherus.com/community


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