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Lack of Innovation is Killing Forums

January 19th, 2009

For the past couple years while I’ve been looking to promote Zantherus, I’ve seen an influx of clone forums that seem to be riding on the trends that have been taking the Zathyus Network by storm - advertising and “no-rules” general chat forums are recent examples. When a forum is going to open up, the owner promises “unique” services or content that would make the forum different. However, when the forum opens, there’s nothing new, with the supposed “unique” content being the same as another forum’s except with a different name.

It’s unfortunate that people actually reward these admins by going to their forum, fooling themselves that this content is really different, and proceed to boost the admin’s ego by accumulating hundreds of posts per day. These forums offer nothing different, so why make them succeed?

Then there are forums who offer something truly unique…but there’s a reason why they’re unique: they don’t work. For example, an ad forum awhile back offered a YouTube Video Service for forums and they would make a YouTube video for them. First off, that’s not bad of an idea. Sites can get traffic off of YouTube. But, it was executed poorly. It was just a plain old advertisement. Nothing compelling for a YouTube viewer to watch. Was there any research done to see if this works? Given that most Zathyus Network admins aren’t marketing majors, probably not, but before you come up with a service, you should at least make sure it’s effective. Just because it’s easy/fun for you, doesn’t mean it’s good or effective for the customer.

I’ve mentioned before on forums that you don’t necessarily need innovation in order to succeed, just the perception that you are. While this is true (at least for Zathyus), it’s unfortunate as well. A real innovative forum that doesn’t stretch the boundaries (like the YouTube Video Service) is a big advantage over the clone forums that make way too many empty promises. Don’t make a forum simply because everyone else is making one. If you have a truly different idea, don’t be afraid to make one. And vice versa. If you just want to make one, don’t make it.

Short entry…eh. I’ll expand more later.